Packing and Moving Services

We are a difficult move -- we own an extensive library and had more than 350 boxes of books, papers and other media, along with 44 bookcases. Not much else, oddly enough, but this was quite enough! Everything went swimmingly. Not a single word of complaint from any of the seven (!) men sent to pack up the trucks (yes, that's plural). They got it done in about 3-1/2 hours, which I thought completely impossible before they started -- last time we moved, with less stuff, it took our movers a good 7-8 hours to do an easier job. They helped us with packing things we didn't feel comfortable packing (the HD television, our art, a huge glass top for a dining table) and even jumped in to help -- to take over, actually -- when we still had a few things from the bathrooms and kitchen to get into boxes. Only one tiny bit of breakage -- a mug that I packed myself, and therefore not their fault. If I ever move again -- and I hope I never have to -- I'll be hiring a local Bekins franchise like AMS. Really an excellent experience all the way around.