Shipment from Texas to San Francisco

Bill Evans from Bekins was a lifesaver for a job I had. I had a large project where a big sign was being fabricated in Texas and it had to be installed in San Francisco on a certain date because of a big event with a bunch of VIP's attending. Both FedEx and UPS wanted too much money to ship this massive sign and there was no room in the budget for RUSH charges. I called Bill to see what he could do. Not only did he come in at a price that was in line with the original budget but he was able to get the sign to my shop on time. As a result I was able to deliver the sign to my client on time for a big event and the client was very happy. Bill made me look good and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. If Bill Evans and Bekins can do this for one sign I can imagine they do excellent work for more complicated moving. Thanks Bill!