Multi-Destination Move

Our realtor highly recommended AMS, and he certainly knew what he was doing. I have moved complete households across the country twice and four times internationally. This was by far the most professional, problem-free move I have ever experienced or could imagine. From my first conversation with the sales manager to meeting for the estimate, it was obvious that AMS is a first-class firm with people expert in their field. The crew packed and loaded everything with the utmost care. There were many pieces of furniture over 125 years old and lamps and art even older. The men unloaded and placed everything extremely carefully with no damage to any item whatsoever. And this move included three delivery locations in San Mateo and Sunnyvale plus some items to be sent to the East Coast and some to donate to charity. My sister-in-law, who supervised the packing and who received many items, completely agrees with my opinion. We will highly recommend AMS to everyone we know.